Qualified Licensee Benefits

Adopt a recognized brand to build your professional identity.

Build a business with attractive exit potential.

Apply your skills selectively in high payoff engagements, capitalizing on your rolodex and years of experience.

Receive expert help as you either launch a new business or augment the opportunity pipeline of an existing business, particularly within the first 90 days.

Receive assistance contacting and developing prospects to build a sales pipeline, generally within 30 to 60 days, by our unique and effective launch plan.

Receive access to immediate lead flow due to our established web site and internet presence.

Proven ability to reach top C and V level executives globally as well as venture capital firms.

Access to ® performance references.

Licensees, commit to a company that will commit to you.  ® reinvests licensee fees and royalties back in to marketing, research and other ongoing improvements. Lead flow to licensees for their specific territory or vertical market is ensured and will continuously increase. The brand will continue to be built. You will reap the many benefits of an association with us.

Contact ® at 719-351-9697 or email at info@igohire.com