10 Core Advantages

As one of the few sales trainers who have personally succeeded as an executive recruiter and career coach, I have placed superior talent with a large number of companies in both capacities. Clients benefit from my broad background in helping companies and individuals excel. Why not capture that knowledge base as an asset to you?

Based upon client feedback we have received and previous successes, we can project results. That gives us the confidence to tie a certain portion of our fees to your growth. Are you comfortable engaging a company that really has no stake in your success?

We ensure your growth by helping you view yourself from all angles. Our formal assessment process combines various tools and instruments with our real world experience and perspective. Let us help you address the real issues that are affecting you or your company, not just the ones that may appear to be at the forefront. Many experts promote “technique”, but because they fail to consider your life, personal, relational, and career issues, they may still not help you soar.

I am one of the few sales trainers with a personal background mastering service and “big ticket” sales and marketing, particularly in aerospace, banking and enterprise systems. Many sales trainers and consultants may lack professional depth. What was their career prior to having become a trainer or purchasing their franchise? Have they walked a mile in your moccasins?

® is one of the few companies with a specialty focus on “leadership”, and offers a very powerful value proposition for those who face succession management, indirection, execution or other issues for which leadership issues represent a root cause.

I personally manage each and every engagement, whether it is a company seeking to sell more products and services, an entrepreneur who seeks growth, or a career minded individual seeking greater success. I take your prosperity very seriously.

Our collective background in executive sales as well as recruitment helps us understand how many workers and aspiring professionals are improperly guided or coached. Many good people are neither assessed nor treated properly, either by their clients, their manager, their employer, or peers. Can sales trainers who can’t fathom alignment and treatment issues offer anything but a partial solution?

We name names. I try to catch people doing something right or smart, and I credit them appropriately. I also share my views on how certain people or companies may have erred, or suggest alternatives for them to have considered. In all cases, one needs to “tell it like it is.” We do.

The ® network of subject matter experts can be relied upon to produce information and perspective in virtually any field of endeavor. They are at your disposal. They can even help you open a door with a client or hiring entity. Give them a chance to help you.

Lifetime follow up. That’s right, ® and its licensees will follow up with you and be accessible to you for support for as long as you want or need us.

Contact ® at 719-351-9697 or email at info@igohire.com.