Background and Introduction

®  is a privately owned, debt free and very independent company that views itself as a leader in the field of business and sales performance optimization. It was founded by Michael Athas, and its concentrated areas of focus include successful launching of new businesses, sales acceleration and outsourcing, leadership development, sales pipeline development, sales force development and on call, real time sales strategy and execution consulting. Few things excite me, its founder, as much as causing the right thing to happen.

My early career successes were primarily in aerospace, defense, enterprise, database and the internet with such companies as Honeywell, Loral, Ready Systems and Netstor, helping them sell products and services. Later, I established a successful boutique executive search firm, Westwood Search Group. Top candidates were placed with eWare, Commercebank, EasyAsk, Information Advantage, Rational Software, Information Builders, Aspect Communications, Nautical Wireless, Sybase, EmergeSmart, Dimensional Insight and Coradiant. Voluntary employee retention ratios were 100 % for the first two years of operation and 92 % over five. The candidates hired by my clients contributed millions of dollars to their respective top and bottom lines. 

Throughout the years, I observed how certain formally trained sales persons would nevertheless underachieve. Sales reps lacking formal training frequently overachieved. The contrast was striking and caused me to reflect on the limitations of current, mainstream sales training techniques. To better serve my clients, I developed a proprietary list of “Certification Criteria” for which candidates would be screened.

My “Certification Criteria” describe what needs to motivate an individual in order to overachieve. Only those meeting the criteria were deemed finalists, suitable for hire by my clients. Clients have found that my candidates, having the right behavioral and personal characteristics, would consistently outperform their current employees, including those who had received formal sales training.  I share more about this in our seminars.

Having interviewed approximately 10,000 candidates during my years as an executive recruiter and hiring manager, I have met perhaps 20,000 fellow professionals, most of whom are senior level executives. I worked with several of them or have personally built their staff.  My own perceptions are only enhanced by the collective consciousness of all those executives. I developed a unique style and approach to sales, coaching and mentoring others as a direct result of all these interactions, personal experience and reflections over the course of my career.  The approach is heavily people oriented, as centered on the selling professional as the prospect, and incorporates my “Certification Criteria”.

You are invited to consult personally with me if you are an executive or entrepreneur or if you are a “non selling” professional performing services for clients such as consulting, accounting, auditing, legal, financial, customer service or even repair. You may be considering your next career move and believe that some sales training might make the difference for you. My initial consultation is free. You can only benefit by meeting me.