Licensee Opportunities

Is your lack of identity as an independent management consultant costing you
market share, credibility compared to larger firms, money, and resulting in lost deals?

Have you decided against investing in a franchise that offers training services because you want to invest wisely, produce a greater return on your investment, and avoid franchise fee sticker shock?

Purchasing limited rights to the use of the ® name is for management consultants, entrepreneurs and trainers and who may face the following challenges:

Michael Athas, President and owner of ® will help you develop a professional identity for your company by licensing the name ®. You can better capitalize on the skills you’ve spent an entire career developing.  You can develop equity at very low cost and reduce your risk of failure if you are considering various self employment options.

For an exceedingly modest license fee allowing rights to use the ® name, a qualified licensee can present a successful, reputable corporate brand to the professional community and his or her clients. Consultants and those transitioning into self employment will become more independent and improve in their revenues and earnings.  We believe your savings are better applied to promoting and sustaining your business than obligating yourself for major royalty and franchise fees that many other companies in this industry require.

Licensees receive a tailored launch support program, optimized for them, and personally managed by Michael Athas to ensure the success of the licensee, ®, and most importantly, the client.

Contact ® at 719-351-9697 or email at